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Monday, May 31, 2010

V.A. - Old Cellar Rock (2010)

Let's go back to our old cellar and pick up some V.S.O.P. (Very Special Old Products). Oh what a warm up jam by Barry Goldberg, Harvey Mandel & Charlie Musslewhite on "Cherry Jam", oh what a composition and performance by Michael Stanley on "Let's Get The Show On The Road". Enjoy also Noah and Fotheringay. A real pure stuff... Drink it fellas... Drink it !!!

  1. Barry Goldberg & Harvey Mandel - Cherry Jam
  2. Illusion - Man
  3. Redbone - Jerico
  4. Rhinoceros - Better Times
  5. The John Dummer Blues Band - Hound Dog
  6. Various Artists* - It Takes Time (Live)
  7. The Unfolding - I've Got A Zebra-She Can Fly
  8. Hookfoot - Tradin' Riffs
  9. Heart - I've Got The Music In Me (Live)
  10. Ted Neeley - Look At You, Look At Me
  11. Michael Stanley - Let's Get The Show On The Road
  12. Noah - Never Too Late
  13. Fotheringay - The Way I Feel
  14. Benitez And Nebula - Nightlife

 * Michael Bloomfield, Taj Mahal, Nick Gravenites, Bob Jones,
   Mark Naftalin, Ira Kamin, John Kahn, Dino Andino, Noel Jewkis,
   Gerald Oshita, Snookie Flowers, John Wilmeth.

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