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Thursday, January 7, 2010

V.A. - Guitars On Fire (2009)

The “Guitars Of Fire” is not only a music collection of great guitarists who have left indelible traces in the structure of contemporary music but contains compositions in which the performers are in high spirits.
From Eric Clapton’s and Stevie Ray Vaughan’s fingers “love affair” with Stratocaster’s fingerboard to the barking of the Roy Buchanan’s Telecaster and from Alvin Lee’s inconceivable speedy guitar riffs to the real compulsion that suffers Javier Vargas Fender. Even old Peter Green should feel proud of the performance of “Slabo Day” that brings to our ears Elias Zaikos Gibson, even “Layla” plays the impious.
A real journey into powerful sounds, rugged but clean that keep us away from the daily trash that pollute our acoustics and aesthetics, sounds like those who so generously give us the magic fingers of Rory Gallagher like pure crystal or those of Al Di Meola to a boisterous solo after which I truly don’t know the fate of his guitar. Even this primitive and savage guitar sound of Neil Young under the ferocious Marshalls gives us another dimension of sound and time, but also that of just 15 years old then, Shuggie Otis leaves us really speechless with open mouth and finally the perfectionist and perhaps the best performance of “All Along The Watchtower” by ethereal hands of Jimi, leaves us with a good taste.
Pump up your amplifier’s volume of and enjoy the moment, because life is moments, moments of a time which although it seems continuous, it doesn’t.
The tracks selection and covers creation made by JSi on 4/12/2009.

  1. Eric Clapton - Double Trouble
  2. Roy Buchanan - Down By The River (Live)
  3. Ten Years After - At The Woodchoppers' Ball
  4. Rory Gallagher - For The Last Time
  5. Vargas Blues Band - Barstool Blues
  6. Stomu Yamash'ta - Crossing The Line
  7. The Jimi Hendrix Experience - All Along The Watchtower
  8. Al Kooper introduces Shuggie Otis - Lookin' For A Home
  9. Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble - Little Wing
  10. Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Like A Hurricane
  11. Elias Zaikos Louis - Slabo Day

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